A Heart To Heart Conversation About Becoming One of The “First 15” To Get The MacGyver Secret Master Class

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(Note #1: I HIGHLY recommend that you carefully read ALL of this.)

(Note #2: This post isn’t a “public post” and I really don’t want the rest of the internet to see this. So I’d be super grateful and relieved if you didn’t share this post on twitter or your blog.) Thanks!

Hi, this is Lee and I’m hoping you have time today for a heart-to-heart conversation. I think it’s time. In fact, it might be overdue.

I’m talking about a GOOD heart-to-heart (NOT the kind of heart-to-heart people have before they breakup or something… this is the opposite of that kind of conversation).

Something Great Has Been Brewing (But Brewing Nonetheless)

I’ve using the MacGyver Secret for over 30 years (before anyone I knew was talking about “problem solving strategies”)

And even though I’ve been asked time and time again (I’m asked more each year) to develop a formal MacGyver Secret problem solving training course, I haven’t yet.

I’ve been hesitant for a long time.

Back in the day, I thought I didn’t have time, or that I was too busy writing, or even that no one would believe how simple yet powerful this technique could be.

Until, I finally just asked you if you’d be interested in mastering your problem solving skills.

And (to my amazement) between email, blog comments, etc. I’ve received BOAT LOADS of responses from people in my own city and as far away as Guam, Australia, and New Zealand!

Every time I’ve written a blog post about the problem-solving training (that we’re building TOGETHER), I’ve received over 50 (and sometimes almost 100) comments/emails/messages.

I thought that I must be dreaming. Because I just didn’t expect a response like this.

But what surprised me the most was how much your responses have touched me on a personal level.

I just didn’t anticipate that all this would have such a deep and profound impact on me emotionally.

Your surge of support was overwhelmingly humbling, encouraging, exciting and inspiring.

And, for the first time in a very long time, I got REALLY pumped about offering something new.

But, in the midst of the emotions WE WERE ALL feeling about this, I never felt intimidated.

Back when the hundreds upon hundreds of responses started coming in, I never felt intimidated.  But then I realized what was happening here…

How I Came To Feel Intimidated

A few weeks ago I asked everyone interested in mastering their problem solving skills to fill out a survey.

Again, you sent in TONS of detailed, lengthy, thoughtful, amazing responses.

And it was looking at these survey responses that made me a bit intimidated. Because all of your words made me realize the immensity of what we’re about to do.
And that nothing quite like this really exists out there.

There is no rulebook, etc.

In your survey responses, you told me what you wanted in a problem solving training.

You said you wanted a simple way to make this part of your everyday life. You wanted it to help rapidly breakthrough problems that have you stuck. You wanted to use it to make more money, to solve problems at home and at work, to feel confident and clear using it, and so many more great and helpful things.

AND I HEAR YOU. And want you to have all these things too.

But it hit me that this isn’t going to be a little side project (although it will be really fun). With the tons of responses I’ve been getting, I realized this is going to be so much bigger than I had originally imagined.

I got that, if this is going to REALLY work, that if this is going to be more than a fun and exciting project . . .

. . . that I’m going to need to cancel some plans, re-organize my schedule, and otherwise put my life on pause for a few months.

It also hit me that my reputation will be on the line in a much bigger way than it has before. Because, instead just being behind the scenes with my name on the credits, I’d be putting myself out there– front and center.  And that I was going to need some serious help from technical and creative people to make sure this was done right, like editors and web designers and project managers and more.

It also hit me that, to create such a curriculum from scratch with all that help, wouldn’t be cheap to produce: Not if it was going to be done right.

This will be an undertaking for both of us, because we’re not just talking about a 6 session class, followed by some Q & A sessions. We’re talking about a comprehensive all-inclusive training program.

What It All Comes Down To . . .

I am 100% committed when it comes to this work.

It’s very important to me that people who use the MacGyver Secret get results and that the problem solvers in this Master Class get the very best training possible (and that they learn to use the MacGyver Secret seamlessly in their lives so they can have the biggest impact on the world and their communities).

If I create a problem solving training program, I just cannot go halfway with this. It’s either I’m “all in or not at all”.

I want this program to be the first and the highest quality training program out there.

Hands down.  After all, it’s got the MacGyver name on it, not just mine.

Here’s The Part Where We Have A Heart-to-Heart

Learning how to use the MacGyver Secret seamlessly will be a learning process for you (you will be in the VERY FIRST to experience this MASTER CLASS).

But this training program will be a learning process for me as well.

I will need to hone in on what is MOST useful to you and how I can best help and mentor you (so that you feel equipped to solve ANY problem you confront, and handle ANY situation that comes your way).

The Very First Master Class (Exciting)

When the training program’s doors OFFICIALLY open, I want us to have all the kinks worked out.

I want to ensure that our online curriculum has been carefully crafted from the ground up to meet your needs, that our online learning environment works without a hitch (and that our online problem solving forums are already populated with good content and case studies), that the conference call service we use for question and answer sessions and supervisory calls meets any needs that might crop up. And on and on and on.

When the MacGyver Secret Master Class program officially opens, I want to make sure that everything works as well as possible.

How You Can Benefit From This

I am considering offering an initial limited group of 15 people access to the MacGyver Secret Master Class program for 50% off the eventual price.
These 15 serious problem-solvers (the “first 15”) will have the chance to fully engage with this powerful method on a whole new level.


Here’s The Trade-off . . .

As members of the first Master Class (or the “First 15”), I’ll want extra feedback and participation from you. I want you to give me lots of input on the content and how it is delivered (live vs. recorded for example), what content you would like me to spend more or less time on, and let me know as soon as possible if there is an online technological problem (and then try and be patient with me as I work to get it fixed quickly).

As part of the “First 15,” I’ll want your thoughts on our online learning environment, I’ll want you to heavily use the online peer-support forums and fill them with your experiences, I’ll want you to fill out 2 to 3 additional surveys, and serve as a kind of “focus group” to help this program be the very best it can be.

And In Exchange For This, You’ll Get 50% Off The Final Price

Oh yeah, you will also get special “First 15” status which will come with its own perks, like discounts on future products and seminars I want to develop– like for people who might want to become certified Trainers of the MacGyver Secret.

And if you’re serious about being a world-class problem solver, and haven’t fully mastered the basics of the MacGyver Secret, we’ll get that handled first. And I will offer you one individual phone consultation with me for free so we can get YOU fully caught up on the basics before we go further!

Are You POTENTIALLY Interested In Becoming One Of The First 15?

At this point, I’m not looking for commitments (after all I haven’t even told you what the price will be nor have I decided it myself) . . .

. . . but if you’re *potentially* interested in becoming a First 15 member of The MacGyver Secret Master Class, then click this link to email me. Let me know (1) that you’re interested, and (2) how much you think the program should cost when we officially open the doors (remember, you get 50% off of this eventual price).

If I decide to proceed with this First 15 program, then I’ll be sending you details in the next few days.

Stay tuned and thanks again!,

Lee (The MacGyver Secret)

10 Responses

  1. Daniel R Walton

    A good model is a subscription. You dole out structured content that includes each month 1) a master class in a pillar of the method,2) one on one that you assist a member apply the secret in some real world situation and can expand on tips for similar situations and 3) an interview with some person either to expand the research or whose methods complement the secret.
    An example then follows 1) master class on getting to the root of the issue to ask questions that will yield results. 2) 1 on 1 via skype or in person depending on location taken from member submissions ( larry from michigan on the line with a problem with his business, you will have vetted the issue to see where you can help then yall go over it together or skip skype and you answer the issue with a short vid.) 3) You bring on authors like Angela Duckworth who wrote Grit and talk about how Grit and Mac Secret relate.
    Each has downloadable content with either transcripts or the vids themselves and as added bonus harken back to the Make Magazine articles you did you could run scenarios to see how other apply the concepts.
    Charge 67 a month cancel anytime. run specials if you like but if they sign up they are locked in for that price till they cancel so if you raise they do not get hit.
    I am interested regardless what direction you go! Love the book and use it often.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Daniel, Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions. You clearly put a lot of thought into this. I will turn this over to my Master Class team and we’ll let you know how it goes. Stay tuned! Best, Lee

  2. Peter

    Hi Lee
    I’m interested but will need to look at time committment etc. Cost wise – given that I carnt imagine the online course improving on the ‘basic’ training and book – I’d say $400 will get people to give it a serious look.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Peter, thanks for your feedback! (And for your kind words about the basic training and book). My team and I will seriously consider your suggestion as we try to figure this out! Best, Lee

  3. John Mayo

    I would be interested in help you out on this. MacGyver had a huge impact on my as I grew up. There aren’t many new upstanding characters like Mac created these days. I read The MacGyver Secret and realized I’d been using bits and pieces of some of the the described techniques over the years. I think you’ve got something which could be a great companion to Getting Things Done by David Allen and I’d be happy to help you develop it.

    How much time would be involved and over what period of time might that happen? I do a podcast which can keep me kind of busy at times. If this is focused during one of the less busy weeks of the month for me, I can clear that week and devote time to this.

    As for the price of the course, I’d like to see the course priced for people, not corporations. Many of the training seminars I’ve seen are far from a casual purchase price for most people. I’d like to recommend two pricing structures: one for individuals and one for company paid attendees. In what I think would be true MacGyver fashion, the incremental cost for the corporate sponsored attendees would be used to fund training seminars for the less financially well off. I guess in my mind I see (the original) MacGyver giving this sort of problem solving class at a fancy place for the corporate types and then turning around and giving the same content at the local youth center. (That sort of community service is something I’d like to see more of in the new MacGyver series.)

    Whether you pick me or not, let me know if there is anything I can do to help with this project as I want to see you success with it.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      John, thanks for your offer to help and all your feedback! To your suggestion of a pricing structure, when it comes to my talks and presentations, that’s exactly what we do: for schools and other educational organizations, I usually offer a significant price reduction in my fee from corporate or other business groups. As to the training course itself, we’re thinking about offering that on-line to folks so we’d have to figure out if such a ‘tiered’ pricing structure was even feasible. But we’ll take a hard look at that for sure. Best, Lee

  4. Gary

    Count me in. I’m a biomedical engineering researcher medical device developer. Would love to take this information and practices to the next level!

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Gary, thanks for your comment– and your interest! Because I’m sure you, given what you do, that this training course could easily get you to the next level of problem solving! Best, Lee

  5. Nate

    I’m interested.
    Depending on the quality, detail, and length of the course, I’d say an effective market pricing the course tuition could be anywhere in the range of $35-$70.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Nate, thanks for your feedback– and interest! I appreciate your suggestion on pricing as we try to figure out the best way to get this out there. Yours, Lee

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