The FINAL Call (Update On My Problem Solving Training Program)

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Hi, I hope you’re having a great week . . .

I’m almost finished building a new wall in Dayna’s art studio and a new set of shelves in our bedroom. (One of my favorite problem solving activities is building stuff around the house).

Over the years, I have stayed up until the wee hours building everything from toys for my kids, to beds, to kitchen islands and even a hot tub. . . just to name a few. And sometimes I think, “Wouldn’t it be easier to just have someone else build all this stuff?? ☺”

But I have such special memories of seeing my friends and family enjoy the things I’ve made for them that I just keep going. Plus, there’s no better way to solve problems (more on that later).

All in all, I like making stuff while my brain solves problems for me!

Here’s An Update On My Problem Solving Training Program

On Tuesday I sent out an email asking if there were any aspiring problem solvers out there who’d be interested in a complimentary “Problem Solving Resource Kit” that I’m THINKING about making.
I didn’t want to make this thing if you didn’t want it . . . so I made an interest list to gauge the interest. (If enough people joined the interest list, I promised myself I’d make the kit).

Well . . . um, enough people joined.

So I’m going to make the complimentary resource kit. If you’re on the interest list, you’ll be getting it on Wednesday.

The Final Call

Starting tomorrow, only people on the “Problem Solving Interest List” will receive insider information on my upcoming Problem Solving Training Program and receive the free resource kit.

(Some people on my email list are only here for problem solving tips, not because they’re potentially interested in mastering their problem solving skills. . . so I want to be considerate of them and make sure that they don’t get bombarded with information they don’t want or need).

So if you want to get the resource kit that’s coming out on Wednesday, and all the good stuff I’ve got coming your way, I highly suggest you join the “Problem Solving Training Interest List” below now:

That’s It For Now

Well, I’m off to figure out how to finish that wall!

But rest assured that if you’re on the “Problem Solving Training Interest List” I’ll be hooking you up with lots of great help and information . . .

Get update on training

. . . and if you’re NOT potentially interested in mastering your problem solving skills (and aren’t on the list) then, starting next week, you’ll continue to receive usual problem solving tips. And emails about problem solving mastery will die down.

Have a great weekend, and remember to look for my tips on using house chores to solve problems on the 14th!

To Solutions,

Lee Zlotoff (The MacGyver Secret)

32 Responses

  1. Nick

    I got confused. I put my email up above, when I probably should’ve asked down here. If there’s a chance to still be added to the list, I’d be interested. Thanks!

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Nick, If you entered your email in the box at the bottom of the page then you’re on the list! Thanks. Lee

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Michael, Thanks for your comment. And if you signed up at the bottom of the blog then you’ll get one for sure! Best, Lee

  2. Elke

    My best ideas seem to come when I am cooking, cutting vegetables etc.
    Would love to get your Kit.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Elke, that’s exactly right! Things like cooking and cutting vegetables are perfect incubations activities. And you’re on the list for the kit now. Best, Lee

  3. Vicente Sena

    Kindly include me in your list. Thank you and more power

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Daniel, thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you found the book helpful. Stay tuned! Lee

  4. Nelson Espinoza

    I´ve applied for the interest list but i don´t know if im on the list. Someday i´ll buy your book to be my best resource.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Nelson, if you signed up then you’re on the list! Thanks. Lee

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Susan, Consider it done! And thanks for checking in! Best, Lee

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Nikos, Thanks for checking in. consider yourself on the list!! Best, Lee

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Barry, You got it! And thanks for checking in. Best, Lee

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Marsha, thanks for checking in. You are now included! Best, Lee

  5. Ilona Former

    I’m looking forward to this Kit Lee 😀!
    Good luck with your building projects 👍.

    Warm Greetings,

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Fredric, Thanks for chiming in! Consider yourself on the list! Best, Lee

  6. Rich Schell

    Hi Lee
    I am very much looking forward to your tips on using household chores to solve problems. Can’t wait. I’d build things like you do but I’d have to use The MacGyver Secret to figure out how to fix everything I broke while trying to build the things I was trying to build…joke.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Rich, I hear you. Almost every time I start a project I end up adapting, pivoting, or starting over with a new approach more often than not. But I always get it done! As I’m sure you do. So thanks for your comment and engagement. Really. Best, Lee

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