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The other day, I asked you if you were interested in the free “Problem Solving Resource Kit” that I was making.
 I didn’t want to spend a bunch of time making this if no one was interested, so I asked you let me know if you wanted the kit …

.. if at least 500 people said they wanted it, I said I’d make it.

Well, let’s just say MORE THAN ENOUGH people wanted it!  🙂

I was both blown away and humbled. When I first started working with problem solving and created this obscure method for myself (back before anyone was really talking about “problem solving techniques”), I had no idea that others would someday want to do this too. Or that I’d be teaching them how.

Anyway . . .

I promised all the folks who are interested in potentially mastering their problem solving skills a 100% free Problem Solving Resource Kit.

So here it is. Free.

My business coach encouraged me to sell it but I am a man of my word. I said it would be free and that’s that.

At least for now. I am still considering creating an official training program curriculum in the future. The topic can sometimes seem endless!

Here is what the “Problem Solving Resource Kit” includes:

A recorded interview of my story with how I got started, how I came up with the method and how’s it’s changed my life. Note: if you ONLY DO ONE thing with this resource kit, listen to this –> (Click HERE to download the interview).

— An incubation activities cheat sheet. Anytime you get stuck, pull this out and find an incubation activity.

> (Click HERE to download the cheat sheet).

— The definitive guide to the science of incubation. This is probably the most comprehensive list of research documents on incubation ever put together. If you’re like me and need to know that this works, check this out. This is some of the most useful stuff I’ve found on the topic of Solving Problems.

> (Click HERE to download the guide).

— A list of some of my favorite products to help with incubation

> (Click HERE to download the products list).

Anyway, after you’ve looked over the kit, please go here to leave a comment and let me know what you think.


The perfectionist in me could have gone on and on with the handouts and resource list but at some point I just had to say “STOP IT Lee!”

After you’ve looked over the kit, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I LOVE receiving your feedback.

To Solutions,

Lee (The MacGyver Secret)

20 Responses

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Trent, your welcome! But, really, the best way to say ‘thanks’ is to use it– and share it! So that others can find the solutions they’re after. And thanks to you for your comments. Lee

  1. Francisco Roland

    Great resource kit. I love the podcast. The notion that we need to find what we are looking for inside us first is amazing. Many thanks!

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Francisco, thanks for your comment. And for grasping the essence of the MacGyver Secret. Because you are right! We already have what we need if we could just get out of our own way to find it! Best, Lee

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Thongchai, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you’re finding the kit helpful! Best, Lee

  2. Sandra

    Your insight as a five year old were brilliant. Brilliant technique.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Sandra, Thanks for your comment. And I’m glad you think the Mac Secret is of value. We all have so much more at our disposal (or in our Inner MacGyvers) than we know. And it’s important to me to help people get to all that. Best, Lee

  3. Jon

    Thank you Lee for sharing your Problem Solving Resource Kit. It’s really helping me to make sense of life. Our education system conditions us to want a safe secure job with benefits. Never to ask what do I really want to do with my life? Job security is a thing of the past. I think more people will benefit from thinking creatively.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Jon, thanks for your comment. And I’m pleased to hear my work is of value to you. Because you are right about our culture and education system: we’re taught to think about what CAN I do to make money, not what do I really WANT to do with my life? More often than not, what you really WANT to do will provide plenty for you to live on and offer you a life of meaning to boot. So, forge ahead! Best, Lee

  4. Joyce

    Thanks again Lee for taking the time to do this. I know it will be really valuable and I appreciate it! I am looking forward to making greater progress on my goals thanks to these additional tools.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Joyce, thanks for checking in. Because there really is no limit to what you can achieve by tapping into your inner resources. And I’m really pleased to think that what I’m offering can help you do that! Best, Lee

  5. Mike Hendricks

    Wow! Thanks! I didn’t expect so much. I haven’t looked or listened to anything yet, but wanted to thank you first.

    Take Care,

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Mike, you’re most welcome. I know there’s lots to chew on here, but I really wanted to make this worth yours– and everyone else’s– time. I look forward to hearing what you think! Best, Lee

  6. nikos

    It is good advice I will read it asap, however I did not receive anything personal about how to start my electronics constructions. I have all the background education needed in engineering. I only need some motive and ideas to make my place electronic and robotic. Maybe I could receive something later. Thank you.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Nikos, the short and simple answer to your question is to TRY the MacGyver Secret which you can easily find on Amazon in both paperback and kindle versions. Because the answers your looking for are ALREADY THERE INSIDE YOU. You just need to know how to tap into your Inner MacGyver to find them. Trust me, I wouldn’t know how to get you going with electronics or robotics– not my strong suit. But YOU do! And can! So, if the free kit isn’t enough to get you going then consider checkout out the book, because that lays it all out for you to get started. Promise. And thanks for reaching out! Best, Lee

  7. Sue Weaver

    LOVE the incubation kit (and, of course, your book)! Thanks so much. Your materials are having a huge impact on my life.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Sue, thanks for your very kind words! And I’m thrilled to hear the Mac Secret is working for you. That’s why I did this. And I look forward to hearing more about your breakthroughs and the changes in your life whenever you’re willing to share. Because everyone, like you, who GETS IT can share it or pass it on to another they know who CAN REALLY USE IT! Best, Lee

  8. Daniel R Walton

    What a great complement to the book! I have started using the book with my work but to have a quick coaching session like this really brings home the secret sauce. Thanks for the added value and what fun.

    • Lee Zlotoff

      Daniel, I’m really glad you like the new free kit– and the book! And that’s it’s already helping with your work. Not to mention that you used the magic word “fun”. Because, with the Mac Secret, as you’re discovering, even the most daunting problems can be FUN to solve. Knowing you can find those answers from your Inner MacGyver, removes all the fear and anxiety from facing a challenge. And can render you fearless! So keep going. Because I look forward to hearing more about your success with it– and I know others will too! Best, Lee

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