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  1. Dave Bouchard

    Hi – I recently purchased “The MacGyver Secret” and hungry for more information, came to this blog and more specifically, this tab. Unlike the vast majority of people for whom the secret yield results almost immediately, after using the technique for almost 3 weeks and following it to the letter as described in the book, I have NOT experienced any amazing or breakthrough results as described which leads me to the conclusion that I must be doing something wrong.

    I also Google’d “The MacGyver Secret” and found some interviews Lee had given and devoured those to see if there was something I was missing but for whatever reason, this isn’t working for me and I want to learn how to make it work since I believe it could be a game changer for me and my family.

    BTW, this will be my third attempt leaving a question here (the first two times, my questions just disappeared even though I received confirmation they’d been received). I’m not sure who’s moderating this blog or if it’s just a system glitch but I’m sincerely looking for some help here and the introduction to this section said THIS is the place for anyone to leave questions – any advice or guidance would be GREATLY appreciated. I’m hoping this third time asking will be the charm! 🙂 Thanks.


  2. Dave Bouchard

    Hi there – I sent in a post thanking Lee based on my purchase and read-through of “The MacGyver Secret” with a couple of quick questions on 9/1, it went through successfully and I saw it above but then it disappeared yesterday without explanation and is still MIA today. Did I do something wrong (e.g., is this not the right area on the website to post comments and/or questions) or might there be an issue with your system? Thanks for looking into this because I’m definitely serious about integrating the MacGyver Secret in my life and the lives of my loved ones and friends.

    Dave Bouchard

  3. Dave Bouchard

    Hi Lee – Just purchased and devoured “The MacGyver Secret”. First, THANK YOU for your generosity in sharing this transformative information with the world – I just wish I’d had access to this information decades ago – I can only imagine how different my life would be now – but as they say, better late than never!

    I plan to not only use this information myself (I’ve already started using the technique a couple of days ago to start creating a dialogue with my Inner Mac as you suggest) but have shared it with my wife and daughter as well and will be doing the same with my professional colleagues – this is definitely a game changer.

    That said, I have two quick questions that other purchasers of the book might have as well:

    1.) Longhand or cursive vs. printing for writing out the questions (and even the answers) – based on your experience, which is more effective?

    2.) Since you recommend asking questions in the same place and at the same time each day, being a senior project manager by trade, I thought it might be a good idea to also ASK my questions in the same way. By that I mean, I decided to develop a “script” and a process for asking questions of my Inner Mac (which I’ve decided to call my “Inner Alchemist”) as follows:

    a.) I first say the following: “Inner Alchemist – Transform all of my accumulated knowledge, experience, abilities and those of the collective unconscious into the right/best answer to my question.” And then I write the question I want an answer to on a 3″ x 5″ index card.

    b.) I then set a time limit by saying: “I ask that you deliver the right/best answer to my question by (insert time)”, put the index card in my pocket and do my best to forget about it.

    c.) I then perform my incubation activity (which right now is driving to work but I plan on trying others like word search games).

    d.) After the set time period, I use the following verbiage to “harvest” the answers: “Inner Alchemist – I ask that you now deliver to me the answers to my question.”

    e.) And then I start writing just as you taught until answers start to come into my consciousness.

    So, based on your experience and that of the individuals you’ve taught over the years, is it ok to use a script like this or might it adversely impact the effectiveness of the technique?

    Those are my two questions. Thanks again for sharing this life-changing information and I hope I have the chance to meet you in person some day so I can thank you face-to-face.

    Best Regards,
    Dave Bouchard

    P.S. I’m definitely considering investing in your master class but want to get some experience with the technique under my belt first.

  4. Francisco Roland Di Biase

    I think I was using the MacGyver Secret in some fashion for some time. Usually when I did not have answers for the problems right away I would put aside and wait. Most of the time after some days the Eureka moment came with the answer.
    But now, after reading the book and know I can produce the Eureka moments everytime I need is fantastic.
    Thanks for your efforts to structure the MacGyver Secret and makes it available for the whole world.

  5. cathy Preston

    G Thank You Lee! Bless your heart! What an amazing opportunity you have given us all. So… I’ve been playing with the MacGyver Secret for about a week and among other stuff I’ve noticed: the more I need to wrestle my puzzle/problem to the ground and explain it or talk about it… the more That’s in the wrong direction. (Holy cow this stuff is right on!) lol

    Merry Christmas to all!
    lov cathy Preston

  6. Paul Zelizer

    I met Lee Zlotoff almost 2 years ago and started hearing about the MacGyver Secret pretty soon afterwards. He came to a group I belong to and taught it to us. That very night, I tried it with a sticky personal situation I was facing and got a clear and easy to implement answer. It worked!

    Since then, my inner MacGyver has given solutions both business and personal. My daughter has also started using it – with great results.

    It’s a great tool that I am grateful to have in my tool kit.

    Paul Zelizer

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