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  1. Francisco Roland Di Biase

    I think I was using the MacGyver Secret in some fashion for some time. Usually when I did not have answers for the problems right away I would put aside and wait. Most of the time after some days the Eureka moment came with the answer.
    But now, after reading the book and know I can produce the Eureka moments everytime I need is fantastic.
    Thanks for your efforts to structure the MacGyver Secret and makes it available for the whole world.

  2. cathy Preston

    G Thank You Lee! Bless your heart! What an amazing opportunity you have given us all. So… I’ve been playing with the MacGyver Secret for about a week and among other stuff I’ve noticed: the more I need to wrestle my puzzle/problem to the ground and explain it or talk about it… the more That’s in the wrong direction. (Holy cow this stuff is right on!) lol

    Merry Christmas to all!
    lov cathy Preston

  3. Paul Zelizer

    I met Lee Zlotoff almost 2 years ago and started hearing about the MacGyver Secret pretty soon afterwards. He came to a group I belong to and taught it to us. That very night, I tried it with a sticky personal situation I was facing and got a clear and easy to implement answer. It worked!

    Since then, my inner MacGyver has given solutions both business and personal. My daughter has also started using it – with great results.

    It’s a great tool that I am grateful to have in my tool kit.

    Paul Zelizer

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